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June / July Holiday Program

Building Block Studio is running it's School Holiday program over the 2017 June / July school holidays. This program has workshops that will be of interest to all ages.

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Some of the highlights are:

3D design / printing - Design your own fidget spinner

Fidget spinners are all the rage at the moment, but what could be better than designing your own fidget spinner and printing it up on the studio 3D printers. We'll supply the bearings and all the tools you need to have a crazy cool spinner.


Building Block Studio is running a number of robotics sessions, like our robot soccer matches, where you build and code up the robot for some sporting action or our jousting and sumo sessions where we build and code the robots. Each participant will have their own robot to work with, always.

2D Game Making

Like to learn how to build a top down zombie hunting game? or a physics based golf game, where you flick the golf ball around a 2D course that you designed? You'll learn the skills to be able to develop your own games. If 2D game making is your thing we have plenty of workshops to help you take this further.

LEGO Build

If assembling LEGO is your thing, we have a number of creative build sessions where we break out a huge amount of LEGO and build to a theme. These school holidays we are looking for some inspiration around LEGO playgrounds and houses and furniture.

Electronics and Arduino

Arduino is the open source platform for working with microcontrollers, these tiny little computers. We code them up to interact with electronics parts that help them sense the world around it. Students will be hands on with breadboards, code and electronics components like LEDs, Servo's and LCD displays. We hope to be able to inspire students to think of ways they could use Arduino's to solve their problems.

3D Game Making with Unity

Unity is one of the most popular game development platforms in the world, in this session we take students through the process of building out a real 3D game. We cover a lot of topics and show how accessible this tool is for budding game developers. If you like this little taste, then you'll be well on your way as a game developer.

Minecraft & Roblox

Each week we gather for some creative Minecraft sessions, all our participants join together in a world to build together and share our creations. Its a fun and friendly environment where we all work as one. Our Roblox sessions show how you can create your own Roblox world and game play, this session is about creating over consuming, you'll be empowered to create working cars, laser blasters and terrain.

If these workshops aren't enough, the final weekend of the school holidays are finished off with our Minecraft Night, this is a night of pizza and fun PvP games for more advanced players.

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