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Term 3 - Robot Building Workshop

In term 3 (2017) Building Block Studio is offering a 6 week workshop where students can design and build a robot from scratch. 3D print the chassis, wire up the motors and sensors and write the code.

We will use the open source Arduino platform to be the brains of our robot.

We will cover topics on 3D design / printing, basic electronics, Arduino coding and use.

The robot chassis will require you to build a study platform with screw holes and supported placed in the correct location. We will convert servo motors so they can turn 360 degrees and learn how to structure our code so that we can build simple movement functions and use an ultra-sonic sensor to detect distance. Finally we will assemble the robot and test it out.

The schedule is:

Week 1: 3D Design a chassis

Week 2: 3D Design refinements - Intro to Arduino coding (blink LED)

Week 3: Modify servo to be rotational - Test coding (write left / right functions)

Week 4: Add Ultra-sonic - Build test tool for measuring distance

Week 5: Assemble robot chassis and parts. Code robot to avoid obst

Week 6: Final testing and coding.

After six weeks you'll be able to walk away with your robot and the knowledge that you designed and made it yourself.

The cost is likely to be around $210 plus $40 for the robot to take home afterwards.

Contact us to register your interest