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Term 4 - Workshop Schedule

In term 4 (2017) Building Block Studio is offering two 6 week workshops:

Robot Building

We will use the open source Arduino platform to be the brains of our robot.

We will cover topics on 3D design / printing, basic electronics (soldering - age & parental consent) and Arduino coding to make the robot come alive.

This workshop will be run on Wednesday's from 18th October and we will only be taking a small group for this.


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Pinball Machine

The second workshop we are running is building a custom pinball machine. The full details will be worked out during the workshop, but the general outline is:

* Use a combination of 3D printed and laser cut parts to build a pinball machine around the size of an A4 sheet of paper.

* Use small ball bearings about 10mm in diameter

* Use an Arduino Uno to drive the display, make sounds and keep score

* The bumpers will be constructed such that when hit by a ball bearing it will make electrical contact that the micro-controller can process.

Students will be involved in the design, construction and coding of elements of the pinball machine.

 This workshop will be run on Thursday's from 19th October with a small group of students.

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