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Computer Game Making - Games

Over the past month we have been working with some eager game makers to build their very own games. We spent the first few weeks of our workshop learning how to use our game making tool: Stencyl. The first week we built a simple arcade style game, something similar to space invaders. 

Then we built a platformer style game, these are games like classic Mario, where you have to jump onto levels and either collect objects or avoid bad guys.

We also looked at games that can use the physics engine that is inside Stencyl, we used this to build a catapult game that is similar to Angry Birds.

After we were comfortable using the tool, we started designing our own games, these could be based off the classic arcade, platformer or physics types that we had already explored or they could be a combination of all types. We had a good think about what the goal of the game was to be. What aspects of the game would players enjoy most? What art assets would we need in order to make our game look great?

We have published some of the games for everyone to have a play with:

  • Kill The Monsters - Clicker Style

    If your not yet familiar with the clicker style games, this genre relies on you continually tapping on a button in order to gain points. The more points you accumulate the more items you can buy. As you collect more items the clicking multiplier comes into effect. So if you have 1 item, you might gain 2 points per click, but if you own 10 items it will make you 20 points per click.
    These games are surprisingly addictive, you tend to get invested in the amount of past clicking that you have put into the game.

    Play the clicker game.

  • Wall Climber

    A variation of the platformer genre, this game has a stick figure that can slide and bounce off the walls in the scene. Gravity has been setup and cause the player to fall back to the ground if not touching the walls in the correct spot.
    To make this game a little harder, you only have 25 seconds to have the player find the coin.

    Play the wall climbing game.

  • Top Down Coin Collector

    This is a top down game where the player must move around the screen and collect the coins. The goal is to collect as many coins as you can before you exit the scene via the doors. You get extra points for collecting items like the blue gems.

    Play the top down coin collector.

  • Vertical Platformer

    This game has some great level design, you start as Minecraft Steve at the bottom of the screen and must work your way to the top of the screen by jumping and moving across the platform.

    With great background music, your goal is to get to the exit door!

    Play the vertical platformer.

  • Bombs v Guns

    This platformer game has us control Megaman around a platform, you must avoid the bombs that are being thrown at you from Ash and get to the bomb. Once you set off all of the bombs in the level you will be transported to the next level.

    Use the 'Z' key to fire bullets from Megman.

    Play Bombs v Guns.