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Electronics Workshop - FM Spy Bugs

In term one we ran an intro to electronics workshop. We looked at basic components like resistors and capacitors first up. We learnt how to read the colour codes on resistors and built some simple circuits to show how they work. Next we covered the common capacitor types and how the capacitor works. We looked at computer simulations of circuits with capacitors to further understand how current flows in a resistor / capacitor circuit. We constructed a simple multi-vibrator circuit that could flash LEDS's on and off like at a railway crossing, to do this we uses capacitors, resistors and transistors.
The soldering iron's were then bought out so that we could learn and improve our soldering skills before we tackled our major project: an FM spy bug. This simple circuit uses resistors, transistors and capacitors along with some inductors to transmit voice on the standard FM radio spectrum. These were some of my favorite electronic projects when I was learning electronics and it was great to make one again.

In the final week we covered a little bit about binary and digital systems, to help contrast against the analogue circuits that we spent the previous weeks working on.
We are going to be building some more FM bugs in our April school holiday soldering workshops, we have limited spaces so be sure to book early.