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Minecraft Night - July 8th

On July 8th 2017 we are running our Minecraft Night where we focus on Minecraft PvP games. We have 10 studio computers that each have Minecraft accounts and are connected to the same LAN as our Minecraft server. We also have a dedicated wireless network that connects to this server.

For those people who are interested in our server setup, we run BungeeCord as the 'proxy' which provides seamless navigation between the different servers we have running. Each of these servers run Spigot, which is a high performance open source Minecraft server. The great part about this server is that it has been built to be extensible and allows developers to build plugins that can extend the functionality of Minecraft.

Some of our favourite games are:

Hide & Seek

When this game starts one player is assigned as the seeker and the others are the hiders. Each hider is assigned a 'block type', this might be something like a stone block or hay. The hider then needs to find a nice hiding spot where they can blend into the world and hopefully not be found by the seeker. This is a fun game, from the seeker's perspective every hider looks like their assigned blocks, so if you see a block move it's actually a hider.

Murder Mystery

When the game starts each player is assigned a role, one person is the murderer, one person is the investigator who has a weapon and all of the rest are innocents. The murderer must try to take down all of the other players, however the players can fight back and try to identify the murderer or claim the weapon when the investigator fails. We have made use of the woodland mansion and added a few hidden rooms and cool places to hide.


We have built a custom world up in the sky, each team starts out on their own island and must collect resources to trade with the villager for blocks. The resources on each island allow players to get across to the other players islands where the goal is to take out the other teams. The team with the remaining players is the winning team.


Players are split into two teams: Red and Blue. A number of checkpoints have been placed around the world and the goal is for each team to stand on the check point for a number of seconds to claim it for that team. Think of this as a capture the flag type game. The team that claims all checkpoints first is the winner, or the team that holds the largest number of checkpoints at the end of the game wins.

If these style of games sound like fun, then come along to our Minecraft night, we'll supply pizza, drink, party food and of course our custom Minecraft server.