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Robocup Jnr 2017 - Recap

This year we had the pleasure of taking a number of teams into the Robocup Jnr competitions.

Our soccer teams, the Tribots and the Harry Botters both competed at the Brisbane regionals and the QLD state championships. The Brisbane regionals gave the teams a little taste of what the competition would be like for the QLD championships. The key take away was that sensing when the ball was behind us was difficult with a single IR seeking sensor. Both teams added an extra rear facing IR seeker for the QLD comp. The Harry Botters also did a little rebuilt to help control the ball better. Unfortunately both teams had members come down with illness and the number of improvements was limited.

Both soccer teams had solid performances when the conditions suited them, the main difficultly that we faced was the rules on the day allowed the ball to play to the wall. This caused both teams with problems where the robot would get caught on the wall and stall, resulting in a 'damaged' robot that was excluded from the field for 30 seconds. The regionals were played with the white lines, so that when the ball crossed the field boundary it was replaced back in the field giving the robots more time and space. It also makes the game flow better for spectators. Our big learning for next year is to make sure our robots can play to the wall with a much lower centre of gravity.

The highlight of the QLD competition was the final round, Tribots v Harry Botters. The Harry Botters were placed in 9th position, needing a win or draw to make the finals. The game went down to the last 5 seconds when finally the Tribots scored and won 1 - 0, keeping the Harry Botters in 9th place. We had a happy Tribot team and a disappointed Harry Botter team but both teams were still in good spirits.

On Saturday of the QLD competition our Primary dance team: The RoboJacksons performed. The had spent many months working on a fantastic robot design with amazing costumes and moves. The team came 14th out of 35! Very well done team, it was a pleasure to watch.

On Sunday of the QLD competition we had both the primary and secondary rescue teams in action. The primary team called the Whizzpoppers put in a solid effort, unfortunately some robot breakages and some wrong button clicks caused them some grief on the day. The secondary team called the Porkchops had a great day with a solid placing of 20th out of 40. They had a few issues with the robot detecting the victim on a couple of runs, which will be the focus of further understanding for next year.

Overall it was a great weekend, we'd like to thank the parents of our team members for your help over this season. Thanks to our robot competitors, you did a great job and should be very proud of your efforts!