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RobotCup Jnr - 2017

This year we are calling out for interested roboticists to join teams to compete in the RobotCup Jnr events.
The exact date for the competition isn't final yet, although it will likely be in July. The competition has three categories:

  • Dance

    This is a theatrical performance, where teams program the robot to dance to music. The robots can be decorated to look amazing a have a sense of personality. Team members will need to work together to come up the dance routine and costumes.

  • Rescue

    The rescue challenge has teams build and code a robot that can mimic a rescue situation where a robot is used to find and possibly rescue humans from dangerous situation.

  • Soccer

    Teams are required to design and build a team of two robots that can compete in a soccer match against another team. The game uses a special infrared soccer ball that can be detected by the robots. All the skill and strategy must be coded by the team.

All of the challenges above also have a presentation component as part of the competition. Teams will need to demonstrate how they solved problems along the way to coming up with the solutions they used in the competition.

Please contact us if your interested or would like some more information.

Registration cost: $150 Training: $15 per training session (discounts for multiple children)