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Robotics Obstacle Course Mats

We have developed a set of robot mats that are designed to introduce students to robotics. The idea is that the students must navigate through the mats and have the robots 'obey' the instructions on the mat. The instructions are designed to help the student explore new features of the robot such as flashing lights, making sounds and moving in a particular way.

We have found these mats to be very engaging and we have had a lot of interest in them. Although we originally designed them for EV3 robots, they can be used for any platform.

We have listed out the mat designs below, if you would like to purchase any of these mats, please Contact Us

Mats 1 - 2

Mats 3 - 4

Mats 5 - 6

Mats 7 - 8

Mats 9 - 10

Mats 11 - 12

Mats 13 - 14

We also have large single courses:

Mat 15  

Mat 16 

Mat 17