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Saturday Game Making

Each Saturday morning from 10:15am to 11:15am we run our 2D Game Making sessions. Each week we work on a little project that is designed to inspire and teach students a little bit more about making games. We normally work on one of the game levels that help demonstrate a concept, students are then encouraged to expand the game at home.

Some of our more recent games have been:

Rocket Lander:

Based of the classic 'Luna Lander', you must take off from one platform and fly across and land on the other platform. We use the arrow keys to control the thrusters of the rocket. We have setup the scene with a small amount of gravity that pulls the rocket back down. We use a health manager to simulate the amount of fuel that the rocket has. Each time the input keys are pressed we take a small amount of 'health' off the total rocket fuel. Once we run out of fuel we switch off the input controls so that the rocket will fall from the sky.

Play Rocket Lander

Maze Runner:

The goal of this game is to create a nice maze that our little guy can run around to get to the switch. When the player hits the switch we then remove all of the blue blocks that we placed that block the exit and start the timer. This is a great game for budding level designers, there are lots of options like making the game larger than the current view and have the 'camera' follow the character around. Use the arrow keys to move the character around.

Play Maze Runner

Bird Flapper:

This is a modern take of 'Flappy Bird', we add gravity to the scene which will pull the bird downwards. On each press of the 'Enter' key we add a little bit of speed on the Y axis, this gives the bird the push up. We also add a small amount of X-Speed, this gives the effect of the bird speeding up as she flies across the screen. If we didn't have the X speed and we hit a wall, we'd find that our bird stops flying and can't get moving again.

Play Bird Flapper