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Teacher PD - 2018

This year we are running a number of professional development sessions for teachers.

Minecraft in the classroom

Find out how to use Minecraft in the classroom where students can explore worlds, build creations and solve problems both individually or as a group.
We will cover:
* Introduction to Minecraft
* Setup and installation
* Educational features that help make classroom management possible
* Resources for classroom use
* Group based activities
* Curriculum links
* Brief overview of the coding and computational features of the ComputerCraft add-on

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Robotics: LEGO EV3

Looking to build out your skills with the LEGO EV3 robots? This PD session will show some great activities that can be bought into your classroom or robotics clubs.
Topics include:
* Fun activities that can challenge students
* Insights into how we run robot club and incursions
* Tips and tricks to make learning and engagement easier and more effective
* Curriculum links
* Learn about competitions and how they can be used to drive interest

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Robotics: mbots

The MakeBlock mBots are great little robots, do you want to get some more out of them?
Topics include:
* Getting started
* Classroom management with wireless
* Differences between Scratch mode and Arduino mode
* Programming activities designed for the mBot
* Curriculum links

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Scratch coding

This workshop will introduce teachers to the programming language SCRATCH 2. It is a gentle introduction to coding and is appropriate for absolute beginners. Scratch and Scratch Junior can be used to teach a range of subjects in the curriculum in an engaging way.
Topics include:
* Getting started and managing the classroom (online vs offlint)
* Activities from beginner to more challenging
* Curriculum links

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Physical Computing / Arduino

Learn how to use and incorporate microcontrollers like the Arduino and BBC micro:bit into your classroom. This will be a real world hands on workshop
Topics include
* Introduction to the platforms
* Working with sensors for input
* Practical classroom topics: troubleshooting, managing devices
* Curriculum links
* Project ideas

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