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World Science Festival 2017

On the weekend of March 25th and 26th we ran the 'Code a Robot' hands on activity at the QLD museum as part of the World Science Festival. It was a massive undertaking with 16 EV3 Robots, 6 large robotics tables each with a FIRST LEGO League mission from a past year and more than a dozen of the most wonderful mentors that your would ever meet.
We gave participants an overview of what robotics competitions are about, how students needed to design and build their robot to complete particular missions. We discussed how the robots really only understood how to follow basic commands like move forward, left and right. We set our participants up for success by having pre-built 'My Blocks' that enabled them to easily measure out and break down the mission problem into simple instructions.
Our event proved to be very popular, unfortunately the lines extended far back and exceeded an hour and a half at different parts of the day. We tried hard to give a great hands on experience and a very small taste of competition robotics.
The best part about participating in a large event like the World Science Festival is that it really helped us refine our process and how we deliver a great outcome to larger numbers of people. Our tables are visually great and engaging on their own, but add the thrill of being able to code a robot to drive around them, the excitement levels raise further.
We are now very well placed to be able to deliver a great incursion to schools that are after the same type of event, of course we offer more time and more detail to our school students. If your school is looking for a great unique and engaging incursion to inspire them about coding and robotics, please let us know.