Building Block Studio – Robotics Club

We are running a weekly robotics club on Saturdays. Each week we will work on a new project designed to help enforce logical thinking and concepts that have been taught previously.
We will use a different range of robots and give students challenges to complete. These challenges might range from:

  • * Build robots that move together to form patterns
  • * Cross the gap, students must build and code their robot to move between two tables that have a gap.
  • * Better robot sumo bots. Take on our design and code it to be better and compete in a competition.
  • * Human controlled robot soccer bots. Design and code up the controls for your soccer playing robot.
  • * FLL Challenges, use our competition First LEGO League table to complete a challenge, keep up your FLL skills or get ready for next year.
  • * RobotCup Jnr challenges: Dance, Rescue and Autonomous Robot Soccer.

We'll make use of a number of different robots and learn the pro's and con's of each one:

  • * LEGO EV3
  • * Vex IQ (using both Modkit and ROBOTC)
  • * mBot with Scratch and JavaScript (Nodebot)
  • * Edision bots (graphical programming)
  • * Custom Sbrick LEGO bots

We'd like to be able to develop our students in preparation for the competition events that are held each year. Look at this club as a development squad.

Who is it for?

We are looking for students who have previously learnt some basic robotics and want to expand and continue. We have a great intro workshop to coding if you are looking to get started learning to code.

Where? Building Block Studio at Sandgate

When? Each Saturday at 11:30am-12:30pm

We have a limit of 10 spaces and operate on a first in, first served policy. Contact us to reserve a term placement.

Cost: $25 per session