While we do offer a number of workshops involving coding, robotics, electronics and 3D design, often these are designed to provide an introduction to see if they light a spark of interest. If you want to go deeper into a particular topic we do have time allocated for private tuition.

We can cover topics such as:

  • Advanced coding - Mobile, Web development, particularly JavaScript, c# and Java.
  • Other coding - Sphero's via a visual programming tool, Scratch with an mBot
  • Electronics - Arduino, soldering, proto-typing.
  • Circuit fundamentals, using test equipment such as Oscilloscope and multi-meters.
  • Robotics - Hardware such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino and combining 3D printing for the chassis and parts.
  • 3D Design - Using 123D Design or OpenSCAD to build more complex models.

Please contact us to work out what topics we might cover.