Building Block Studio – Robocup Jnr - 2018

We are looking for an expression of interest for the 2018 Robocup Jnr competition events. These events are a fantastic experience and help to provide a long term goal for students to work towards.

  • * Dance
  • * Primary / Secondary Rescue
  • * Standard League Soccer
  • * Lightweight Soccer League
  • * Maze

This year we are looking to start teams a little earlier in the year as there is an appetite to develop some more sophisticated custom robots for the soccer and maze events.

Who is it for?

We are looking for students interesting in learning about robotics and applying this learning at the Robocup Jnr events.

Where? Building Block Studio at Sandgate

When? TBD

Cost: TBD depending on numbers, however there will be: (small) setup, training and competition costs.