Building Block Studio – Youtube Club

YouTube Club is run 4:30pm - 5:30pm every Friday during each school term. This club is suited to students aged 9yo and older and attendance costs $20 each Friday. Payment to attend the club each week must be paid 3 days in advance otherwise these places are offered to other students. Refunds will not be given for students who are absent.

This club is unique in the way that students drive their own content (videos, photos, music, etc, for their own channel). The club is unstructured and students progress through their own ideas each week. We ensure that the students produce safe and engaging content for their channel (ie, no personal information is shared, etc) and we help them achieve their goals and teach them some tricks along the way. For the first several weeks students focus on becoming familiar with the software that we use by using a green screen, capturing and editing their own video content, adding sounds and music, importing photos and images as well as make a logo and animate it. Using our equipment each week students will continually build their knowledge relating to the video production and editing process.

It is expected that students will have their parents permission to record themselves and to photograph themselves to appear in their YouTube content each and every week they attend. Parents must advise us if they do not give their permission for this. Please note: students must not attend YouTube Club in their school uniform.

Once the students have attended YouTube club for a several weeks we will then create a YouTube Channel for them (if they don't already have one). All detailed information such as passwords etc, will be provided to the parents. It is expected that the student and staff of Building Block Studio has parental permission to do this. We are happy for parents to create the YouTube channel at home for their student, we would however require the student to bring their username and password with them to each club attendance. Content created by the student has the potential to be uploaded their YouTube Channel and viewed by potential subscribers.

At YouTube Club, Building Block Studio provides students with the following:

* Logo and channel setup
* record and edit videos
* apply special effects and overlays
* microphones and audio equipment
* creative audience engagement ideas
* understanding of polls and comment approval
* guidance to appropriate content
* online safety
* promotion via Building Block Studio

Who is it for?

We are looking for students interesting in building content for their own channel and working with others to do the same. 

Where? Building Block Studio at Sandgate

When? Each Friday at 4:30pm-5:30pm

We have a limit of 10 spaces and operate on a first in, first served policy. Contact us to reserve a placement.

Cost: $20 per one hour session