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LEGO Bridge Building

Use LEGO to learn about bridge engineering. We will discuss different bridge designs such as beam, truss, cable stayed, suspension and arch bridges. Students will then proceed to build a structure that will be 'certified' by its ability to carry a heavy load.

Students will spend time designing and building the bridge before we all get together to test the bridge under load. Students will be asked where the bridge is likely to fail and where is this type of bridge suitable to be used.

Each bridge has its own design strengths and weaknesses, we will discuss the force distribution and where the bridge is likely to break.

This is a fun and engaging activity that gives students an opportunity to be show some creative flair while still learning about civil engineering concepts.

LEGO Bridge Building

Australian Curriculum:

Investigate how forces and the properties of materials affect the behaviour of a product or system (ACTDEK011)

LEGO Bridge Building

Suitable for: Years 3-6

Duration: 90 mins (30 min setup time for incursion)

Delivery: Incursion or Excursion to Building Block Studio

Class size: 25 max