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LEGO Mosaic Puzzles

Be challenged by our LEGO Mosaic puzzles. Try to rebuild a familiar picture by placing the blocks on the baseplate. Be warned, they can get quite tricky!

We have a number of different mosaics that have fun themes. Each set has a number of different sized pieces that require some critical thinking in order to be put together correctly. We do of course have the answer sheet handy if needed.

Students can complete the challenges individually or as a group working together.


LEGO Mosaic Puzzles

Students will need to use counting skills and spatial reasoning to complete our mosaic challenges.

LEGO Mosaic Puzzles

Suitable for: Years prep-6

Duration: 90 mins (30 min setup time for incursion)

Delivery: Incursion or Excursion to Building Block Studio

Class size: 30 max