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2D Computer Game Making

Learn how to design and program different 2D style games for mobile devices or desktop computers. Building Block Studio will guide each student through game design theory and building their creation.

Using a tool called Stencyl which allows each child to learn coding without the need to learn all of the nuances of a syntax based programming language, students can focus on the game logic and behaviour of the characters in the game.

No experience with Stencyl is needed, if you already know Scratch that will be great, you'll be well placed to make some more advanced apps.

Platformer Style Game

2D Computer Game Making

Week 1: Introduction to game making and the Stencyl tool - Build a very simple platform style game to enforce the concepts and become familiar with the tool.

Week 2: Combine theoretical elements of game design (15 mins) which cover topics such as:

  • * Menu systems - creating a nice usable flow for a game
  • * Scoring - how do we provide incentives for our game user
  • * Asset creation - What tools do we use to create assets, what is the process of bringing them into our game.

The rest of the session is spent working on a space invaders game.

Week 3: We cover more high level theoretical topics such as:

  • * Gravity
  • * Collisions

We then spend the session building a platform style game, which will use aspects of the topics we covered.

Week 4: We look deeper into the behaviours of our game actors, these are things like controlling how they are removed from the screen, how to transition from scene to scene and build custom behaviours with the block based coding interface.
We start to design a personalised game of the student's choosing. (This will be limited to achievable games over a 2 week period).

Week 5: On the final week we will continue to work on the student's game, with the goal of making it playable on a mobile device (if designed for one) or a desktop computer.
At this point the student should be familiar with the tool and process to build out the game, they can use the inbuilt behaviours for gameplay and be able to look inside these to find reusable code and inspiration for coding their own logic and behaviours.

2D Computer Game Making

The cost is $150 inc GST.

2D Computer Game Making


Do I need to bring a computer?

No, we have computers setup and ready to use, however if you wish to take your files with you then please bring a USB drive.

Can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Yes. Private messages through facebook is preferred so that questions can be responded to with carefully considered answers. Or please feel free contact Building Block Studio on (07) 3869 0885

What qualifications does the mentor have?

Your mentor has 17 years of industry experience working across a diverse range of applications. He holds a masters degree in IT and studied electronics engineering way back in the day. He has 3 boys who he is proud of and happy to say that 2 of them like to code.

All Building Block Studio staff have working with children blue cards.

Can I pay instore?

Yes, drop by the studio to pay and avoid the online surcharge. To purchase online, please visit our event listing for Monday or Saturday.

What age is this event aimed at?

This event is aimed at 9 years and above.

How long is this event?

There are 5 weeks each with a 1 hour coding session in the studio.