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Arduino Afternoons

This Saturday afternoon workshop introduces interested people to the exciting world of the open source hardware platform known as Arduino.

Come along and learn the basic knowledge that you need to get moving with this platform. We'll cover the process of writing code and running it on the board and interfacing it to the outside world.

We have everything setup in our studio to be able to work with the Arduino and to be able to help understand what it is doing.

We cover a range of basic sensors and motors but if you’re working on a project at home and would like to discuss this, please feel free to bring it along.

Feel free to bring along a interested child, make it a great bonding event.

Arduino Afternoons

Introduction to the arduino

Learn about the software used to load onto the board

Arudino pin types - digital pins, analog pins, pwm. 

Hands on

Simple LED flasher for showing the process of writing code -> downloading it to the board.

We cover programming concepts for setting the pin mode OUTPUT, INPUT

We will explain the setup, loop functions that are provided to us by the Arduino IDE.

How to debug our program making use of the serial interface connected to our PC.

Watch PWM signals with use of the oscilloscope, we'll make an LED fade on and fade off.


We will cover the process of debouncing and pull up resistors. Discuss the tools we can leverage to overcome some of these common problems.

Resistive Sensors

- voltage dividers - obtain a threshold value

-temperature, light

-use the map function for A2D.


- What are they, basic example.

Ultrasonic Transducer

- Simple example, show the result on the serial connection and discuss how angled obstacles can impact our measurements. 


- Use the Servo library to move a servo. Watch PWM on scope to understand what is being sent to the servo.


- Motor Shield - DC motors

- Stepper Motors

- Noise and Power isolation of motors

7 Segment Displays

-With and without a multiplexer

LCD Shield

Connect up the LCD shield and write out some words and make them scroll across the screen.

Arduino Afternoons

The cost is $149 for 3 weeks.


Arduino Afternoons

Can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Yes. Private messages through facebook is preferred so that questions can be responded to with carefully considered answers. Or please feel free contact Building Block Studio on (07) 3869 0885

What qualifications does the mentor have?

Your mentor has 17 years of industry experience working across a diverse range of applications. He holds a masters degree in IT and studied electronics engineering way back in the day. He has 3 boys who he is proud of and happy to say that 2 of them like to code.

All Building Block Studio staff have working with children blue cards.

Do I get to keep anything?

No, but we do have Arduino Uno's that we can sell if you would like one. 

Can I pay instore?

Yes, drop by the studio to pay and avoid the online surcharge.

What age is this event aimed at?

This event is aimed at 13 years and above unless accompanied by an adult.

How many people can do the workshop at once?

We will only have 5 places to ensure that we offer the best experience, but we are happy if an adult brings along an interested child so that both can experience the Arduino together, no additional charge will be required but the adult assumes responsibility for the child.

How long is this event?

There are 3 weeks each with a 1hour 30 min session in the studio.