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Game Development with Unity

Games like Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run are played by millions of people around the world. These games and many others have been created by Unity; one of the most popular game development tools available.
This 8 week workshop will give students the basic skills needed to work with Unity. We will first cover using 2D Sprites and build out a basic platformer. The workshop then moves onto 3D game development where we will build a simple 3D game. The final weeks will see students use assets from the Unity asset store to assemble a project based on their choosing. We will have some recommendations such as a first person following game, or a need for speed style racer. Projects will be limited to the small amount of time that can be dedicated to them in the studio.
Students are encouraged to work on projects at home and bring questions into the sessions.

Game Development with Unity

The basic direction of the workshop will follow:

Week 1:

  • Introduction to the user interface.
  • Setting up our project structure, clean and organised folder structure
  • Goal: Have a Sprite setup ready for some script to move it.

Week 2:

  • Add more script and animations to our character
  • Understand rigidbody and collision components
  • Add missiles and particle effects
  • Goal: Have a scene created where our character can walk on platforms and fire missiles.

Week 3:

  • Consolidation of our 2D work, build out the scene with more characters and platforms
  • More complicated animations (jumping, sliding)
  • Goal: Be able to independently import sprites, define animations and perform basic scripting.

Week 4:

  • Introduction to the 3D environment
  • Build a 3D terrain for our project
  • Goal: Understand the process to build a 3D terrain.

Week 5:

  • Add a character and textures to our 3D environment
  • Goal: Have a character that can run around our created 3D terrain

Week 6:

  • Build an enemy nav mesh, that can be used inside our 3d terrain.
  • Add another character and basic code to have our enemy hunt the player
  • Goal: Wrap up our 3D game

Week 7:

  • Understand and use the standard assets provided by Unity
  • Learn about wheel colliders
  • Goal: assemble a simple need for speed style game
  • Goal: Start work on a basic student driven project

Week 8:

  • Import the first person standard asset
  • Goal: assemble a simple first person following game
  • Goal: Continue to work on the student driven project