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Intro to Electronics

Learn about the fundamentals of electronics with this 5 week workshop. The workshop is 'hands-on' and covers the basic components used in most circuits.

There will be a number of building activities using breadboards as well as soldering and de-soldering components.

Students should come away with basic electronics knowledge and a passion and desire to learn more.

Intro to Electronics

Week 1:

We cover basic discrete components such as:

  • AC v DC
  • Resistors (color codes and operations), variable / fixed
  • Capacitors
  • Diodes (both LED and signal)

Intro to the breadboard. Use the bread board to hook up LED's and battery parts. Build basic circuit diagrams using the above components.

Goal: Be able to identify and describe each of the components shown.

Week 2:

We cover transistors and build a multi-vibrator circuit which we use to demonstrate and reinforce the learnings from week 1.

Goal: Be able to describe the operation of the capacitors and transistors used in the circuit that we built.

Week 3:

We cover the basic's of soldering, each student will solder components through a hole and learn how to join wires.

We also cover the process of desoldering components.

Goal: Understand the basic process of soldering.

Week 4:

We move onto basic integrated circuits and digital logic.

Goal: Understand truth tables and basic logic such as AND and OR. Be able to describe that digital is on/off and analog is varying and continuous.

Week 5:

Further describe binary operation while we build a circuit that will drive a 7 segment display from a 4 way DIP switch. This allows us to enter binary into the switch and see the value being converted and displayed on the 7 segment display.

Intro to Electronics

$199 inc GST for 5 weeks.

Intro to Electronics


Do I need to bring a computer?

No, we have computers setup and ready to use, however if you wish to take your files with you then please bring a USB drive.

Can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Yes. Private messages through facebook is preferred so that questions can be responded to with carefully considered answers. Or please feel free contact Building Block Studio on (07) 3869 0885

What qualifications does the mentor have?

Your mentor has 17 years of industry experience working across a diverse range of applications. He holds a masters degree in IT and studied electronics engineering way back in the day. He has 3 boys who he is proud of and happy to say that 2 of them like to code.

All Building Block Studio staff have working with children blue cards.

Can I pay instore?

Yes, drop by the studio to pay and avoid the online surcharge. 

What age is this event aimed at?

This event is aimed at 12 years and above.

How long is this event?

There are 5 weeks each with a 1 hour coding session in the studio.