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Intro to Electronics

Learn about the fundamentals of electronics with this 5 week workshop. The workshop is 'hands-on' and covers the basic components used in most circuits.

There will be a number of building activities using breadboards as well as soldering and de-soldering components.

Students should come away with basic electronics knowledge and a passion and desire to learn more.

Intro to Electronics

Week 1:

We cover basic discrete components such as:

  • AC v DC
  • Resistors (color codes and operations), variable / fixed
  • Capacitors
  • Diodes (both LED and signal)

Intro to the breadboard. Use the bread board to hook up LED's and battery parts. Build basic circuit diagrams using the above components.

Goal: Be able to identify and describe each of the components shown.

Week 2:

We cover transistors and build a multi-vibrator circuit which we use to demonstrate and reinforce the learnings from week 1.

Goal: Be able to describe the operation of the capacitors and transistors used in the circuit that we built.

Week 3:

We cover the basic's of soldering, each student will solder components through a hole and learn how to join wires.

We also cover the process of desoldering components.

Goal: Understand the basic process of soldering.

Week 4:

We move onto basic integrated circuits and digital logic.

Goal: Understand truth tables and basic logic such as AND and OR. Be able to describe that digital is on/off and analog is varying and continuous.

Week 5:

Further describe binary operation while we build a circuit that will drive a 7 segment display from a 4 way DIP switch. This allows us to enter binary into the switch and see the value being converted and displayed on the 7 segment display.