“Software is eating the world”
Marc Andreessen

We want to help people learn to code.

We teach Scratch for younger students who haven't been exposed to programming before, we find this works very well and is closely aligned to what students are doing at school.

Older students work with syntax based languages, our preference here is JavaScript and Python. JavaScript is great because we can use in for web development and for our Raspberry Pi and Arduino robots with the Jonny Five framework.

We can expand on this to build HTML / JavaScript mobile apps that can be distributed in the app stores.

Building Block Studio also has a number of Vex IQ robots that can be programmed with RobotC, which is a full syntax based programming language 'C', which is still very relevant in industry.

We like to offer small class sizes so that we can really focus on our students and help them to understand what they are doing. Please get in touch if you have something in mind, we love code and want to help you.