EV3 Obstacle Courses

Our robotics program involving EV3 Mindstorms takes advantage of our obstacle course mats which have been specifically designed to allow students the ability to explore the capabilities of the robot by completing a small pre-set goal.

Students work in pairs to write a sequence of code blocks to get their robot to navigate to the finish line. Instructions could include things such as ‘flash lights’, ‘make a sound’, ‘write a message on the screen’, ‘stop’ or ‘go backwards’. Along with these special instructions, students will need to use mathematical skill to measure in centimetres the distance their robot must travel forward as well as using a specially made protractor so that they can determine how many degrees their robot must turn left or right in order to successfully reach the end.

Suggested duration is approximately 1.5 hours.

This program is extremely engaging and can be scaffolded to suit all year levels at school.