Each week during the school term, we run our coding, robotics and YouTube clubs.


Each Saturday morning we have a number of groups that focus on each stage of a student’s coding pathway:

Beginner /Intermediate

Our core focus for students is to be able to move into a text based language such as Python. Younger students tend to do well with an introduction to coding via block based languages. This helps them form a problem solving mindset without also needing to learn the semantics of the programming language.

Further Development

For self directed students who have an idea of what they would like to work on, we provide a supportive environment that is capable of providing assistance with almost anything that a student will need. We like to focus on Unity and Roblox, but also support advanced Python and Java.


Our two robotics streams are focused on building the core skills needed for students to compete in robotics competitions such as FIRST LEGO League, RoboCupJnr and FIRST Tech Challenge.


Our junior club has a focus on building with LEGO technic and EV3’s. Each week a student will be given a project task that will require an element of building and coding. Depending on where the student is on their coding journey, they will program the EV3 with either Python, RobotC or the EV3 language.


Our senior robotics club is focused around larger scaled robotics, such as the types of robots found in FTC. We use large DC motors, aluminium extrusion, nuts, bolts and even solder components. Our students use custom built boards that allow them to write code in Python for a seamless transition from coding club.


Youtube club is focused on moving students from content consumers to content creators.

This club is unique in the way that students drive their own content (videos, photos, music, etc, for their own channel). The club is unstructured and students progress through their own ideas each week. We ensure that the students produce safe and engaging content for their channel (ie, no personal information is shared, etc) and we help them achieve their goals and teach them some tricks along the way. For the first several weeks students focus on becoming familiar with the software that we use by using a green screen, capturing and editing their own video content, adding sounds and music, importing photos and images as well as make a logo and animate it. Using our equipment each week students will continually build their knowledge relating to the video production and editing process.