2D Game Making

In this workshop, students learn the basic skills necessary to build, design and code their very own 2D Game. Learn how to make Platformer style games like ‘Super Mario Bros” or Arcade style games like “PacMan”.
This workshop can be tailored for any year level. Lessons can be structured so that some or most of the game functionality is pre-built and that some/most of the behaviours of the actors (ie: characters in the game) will also be mostly complete. This will allow the students to enjoy the satisfaction of designing their own levels. Students will need to modify certain elements of the code in their game, for example; how high their actor will jump and how fast their actor will move. This is a very rewarding workshop for all computer and gaming enthusiasts.

Suitable for: Years 3-9

Duration: Contact to discuss, we can provide support over a term if needed.

Delivery: Incursion or Excursion to Building Block Studio

Computers & Software included: Resources can be provided by Building Block Studio, please contact us to discuss.

ACARA Alignment:

Primary school

  • Year 2: ACTDIP004
  • Years 3 and 4: ACTDIP010
  • Years 5 and 6: ACTDIP020 and ACTDIP019

High School

  • High School:
  • Years 7 and 8: ACTDIP029 and ACTDIP030