BBS GamePad

Welcome to your new BBS GamePad. Your pre-release GamePad can be used with MakeCode Arcade.

Browse to and build your game. If you’re looking for the most basic game, have a look at the following:

Build a Basic Game

Drag across the set sprite block into the on start:

Then we can add a controller to the game, so that we control our sprite:

Download Our Game

To play our most basic game, we need to download the game to our GamePad. Click on the Download button in the bottom right hand corner:

A new screen will pop up the first time you click on the download button. It’s asking what type of device we are using. At the moment our BBS GamePad isn’t listed on this page, so we need to scroll down to find the D51 option:

Once we click on this option, our game file will be downloaded to our computer.

Next we need to make sure that our GamePad is ready to accept a new game file. When connected to your computer we can double press the reset button so that we see the screen that has the title ‘BBS’. You will also notice that a new drive will appear on your computer called ‘STUDIOBOOT’.

We then copy the game file over to this ‘STUDIOBOOT’ drive. Once it has copied over, it will restart with you game on it.

If you make any changes to your game, make sure you download the file again and double press the reset button, to copy the downloaded file to the ‘STUDIOBOOT’ drive.