Building Block Studio is a Learning Activity Centre committed to inspiring the next generation of coders, engineers and 3D designer’s.

Building Block Studio provides a warm and welcoming environment where students can explore and test their creative ideas and ultimately enhance their skills and knowledge in these exciting fields. We believe that in the right environment people can learn anything!

Our small class size enables us to teach the earliest beginner from age six or individuals keen on extending their existing knowledge in Electronics, Introduction to Robotics, 3D Design and in Computer Coding. We want to inspire Australia’s future innovators!

Established in 2016, we are a family run business.

Daniel & Rebecca

Rebecca manages our studio, she is a mum of three boys and has lived with her geeky husband long enough to be totally absorbed into engineering.

Daniel has 20+ years of industry experience working across a diverse range of applications. He holds a masters degree in IT and studied electronics engineering way back in the day. He has 3 boys who he is proud of and happy to say that 2 of them like to code.