Scratch Coding

Coding is at the core of Building Block Studio and we would love to be involved with your class. We can help show teachers how we use Scratch or we can work directly with your students.

Scratch 2.0 is a visual programming tool. At the beginning, we introduce students to the vocabulary of Scratch coding, words like sprites, scripts, backdrops and costumes. We move on to a simple program that make use of the interface. We have found that having two characters tell each other a joke provides a great introduction. This requires the student to understand the sequencing of code as well as the user interface interaction.
From here we move onto some simple games that continue to explore the different coding blocks that can be used to control sprites and the associated animation that forms a game. The games we build will include concepts for loops, decision branching, sequencing events and responding to user input.
Regular workshops enable us to continue to build on this approach until we find ourselves discussing Cartesian planes (X – Y co-ordinates) and broadcasting messages between sprites. Further concepts such as lists, complex comparison operators and sensing blocks are left for older or more experienced students. Scratch is a very powerful tool that can bring enjoyment to even seasoned programmers.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together.

Suitable for: Years 3-9

Duration: Contact to discuss, we can provide support over a term if needed.

Delivery: Incursion or Excursion to Building Block Studio

Computers & Software included: Resources can be provided by Building Block Studio, please contact us to discuss.

ACARA Alignment:

Primary school

  • Year 2: ACTDIP004
  • Years 3 and 4: ACTDIP010
  • Years 5 and 6: ACTDIP020 and ACTDIP019

High School

  • High School:
  • Years 7 and 8: ACTDIP029 and ACTDIP030Years 7 and 8: ACTDIP029 and ACTDIP030