We have a collection of robots that will suit all ages and levels.

A great introduction to robotics is with the Edison bots, these great little bots are LEGO compatible and can be programmed using the Edware app on our computers or by using the EdMat.

Moving on from the Edison our range of LEGO power function motors and gears, our sample projects introduce students to gears and motors.

The next level is the LEGO EV3 and Vex IQ robots. Both of these are snap together sets that revolve around a central 'brain', motors and a variety of sensors.

The Vex robots can be programmed both graphically or with a powerful full programming language 'C' (RobotC) - This gives students enourmous headroom to learn and grow.

If your not into the snap together sets and prefer a more home grown type of robotic experience we also have a number of Raspberry Pi boards and assorted motors and sensors that can be used to construct a robot.

We even have a Brick Pi that lets you control the EV3 motors and read the EV3 sensors from the Raspberry Pi. The Brick Pi supports a number of different programming languages including JavaScript.

The Arduino and Raspberry Pi fit into the more advanced category, we have a number of Arduino shields and sensors that can be used to make a variety of controllable devices. All our computers have the Ardunio IDE so it's easy to jump on and program up a treat.