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3D Printing / Design

We'll start by building a simple model that uses primitives, sketches, text and extrusion. This model will be exported as an STL file that can then be loaded into software that can generate g-code for the 3D printer.

We'll discuss topics such as infill percentages, supports, rafts and temperature settings.

While our simple model is printing on our single extrusion printer, we will extend the model to support dual extrusion (multiple filaments / colours).

We will then move onto more advanced features of 123D Design to build a threaded nut. We will use features such as resetting the orientation, loft, revolve, subtract and precise measurements.

After our threaded nut is complete, we will discuss how to download and use items from thingiverse and how to use OpenSCAD to run scripts useful for building models.

3D Printing / Design

Australian Curriculum:

Develop, modify and communicate design ideas by applying design thinking, creativity, innovation and enterprise skills of increasing sophistication (ACTDEP049)

3D Printing / Design

Suitable for: Years 8-12

Duration: 90 mins

Delivery: Excursion to Building Block Studio

Class size: 6 max at a time

Please contact us to discuss details.