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We Have Moved

It’s hard to believe that we have been at Clayfield for 3 years, when we moved in our place seemed so large and well suited to our needs.

Over these three years, we spent 2 of them with lock downs and social distancing restrictions. Our manufacturing side of the business continues to grow and will need more space to grow into.

We’ve been lucky to find the perfect place to move into, it has a good balance of air conditioned rooms for Junior robotics, with upstairs space for our senior robotics to have a dedicated space that will allow for fields to be permanently setup.

The warehouse side will allow us to do more precision CNC work and broaden our electronics assembly area.

Depending where you come from, Northgate is either a little closer or just a bit further away, but thank you in advance for making the effort to come to us.

We are looking forward to getting back into a new year of robotics and coding … see you all soon.

47 Noble Ave

Northgate, QLD, 4013