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Scratch Coding – Beginner Extra Activities

Make Scratch the Cat walk on the spot:

Notice how Scratch the Cat has two costumes, if we swap them very fast it will look like he is walking.

The script for changing costumes is as follows:

Can you speed up his walking?

Changing Scratch the Cat’s Colour

The script for changing a sprite’s colour is as follows:

There are 200 colours so by changing the colour effect by 25 8 times the character finishes at the colour that it started as. Try changing the 25 to 1 and the 8 to 200 to see all 200 colours.

Fisheye with Scratch the Cat

The fisheye effect makes the character look like it would through a wide angle lens.

The code for the fisheye effect is as follows:

The ‘set fisheye effect to 0’ at the end is used to reset the character back to normal.

Pixel Art Scratch the Cat

We can use the pixelate effect to change the appearance of Scratch the Cat.

The code for the pixelate effect is as follows:

Can you combine the fisheye, colour change and pixelate commands into one program?