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Scratch Coding – Fish Music

We are going to create a school of sing fish today.

When we click on the fish we are going to animate them and have them make some sounds.

If I pick one of my fish, I can use the following blocks:

I’ve used the ‘play note’ block to make a sound. The ‘next costume’ has also been added to make the fish come to life.

We can add a number of different fish with different notes and timings, then we can click through each fish and put together some cool tunes.

Instructions for the player

It might not be clear to users of our program that they need to click on each fish to make them sing, so we are going to add a message to the screen. To do this we are going to create a new sprite and add some text to it with the text tool:

We only want to show this to the player for the first three seconds after the green flag is pressed:

Be sure to use some loops on some fish:

Explore the sound library

Scratch has a number of cool sounds that can be added to our fish, check out some of these:

Now we can use both the basic notes and the more complex music that we added to our sprites.